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Strong's Concordance

Strong Number or Keyword: Hebrew Greek  

Meaning of Hebrew Word #1571

gam {gam}

by contraction from an unused root; TWOT - 361a; adv
AV - also 5, as 3, even 2, again 1, and 1, misc 22; 34
1) also, even, indeed, moreover, yea
1a) also, moreover (giving emphasis)
1b) neither, neither...nor (with negative)
1c) even (for stress)
1d) indeed, yea (introducing climax)
1e) also (of correspondence or retribution)
1f) but, yet, though (adversative)
1g) even, yea, yea though (with 'when' in hypothetical case)
2) (TWOT) again, alike

Hebrew Word #1571 Occurs in the Following Verses

gam {gam} occurs in 34 places. This is the 721 to 34 places.

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